Hiring all developers for a new simulator!

Like the base of the map. I will do like trees and all that.

We really need map builders. Dm me or add me on discord if you are up for hire!

Discord: perfectmrPepsi#1026

If this game turns into a flop how will you pay your devs?

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Buying robux or giving it through a group? I dont really know currently.

Just a thing but 11 year old kids aren’t allowed here. Its 13+ instead.


Sorry, I did not mean to put 11. Thanks for telling me!

Shoot me a dm, I can create 3d models which would help with the low poly style.

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Okay! I will dm ya right now. Can you show me some of your work?

I’m able to create animations depending on what is needed. Feel free to shoot me a PM on DevForum or on Discord (rai#4434). I’d need to know a backup payment if the game doesn’t do well and the things I’d need to make.

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Okay! What kind of animations can you do? I would like to see your work.

Hello, I would like to work as a Scripter. Is that position still available?

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Yes! It actually still is open. Contact me in discord!

Discord: perfectmrPepsi#1026

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yes of course, i can build a city map or maybe even try to make a simple nature map like: desert and etc.

Okay! Dm me on discord

Discord: perfectmrPepsi#1026

Interested in the UI designer position.
Portfolio: [OPEN] UI Designer/2d Artist Portfolio | CursedTxrtle

I was reading it until you flagged it.

Oops, sorry undone. It should be working now.

Add me in discord!

discord: perfectmrPepsi#1026

THE S̶L̶A̶Y̶E̶R#3268
Find me in discord
I’m scripter, UI and builder

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