Hiring an Advanced Scripter! [30% Profits]

Thanks for clicking on this post. Hi, we are CandyCanes Studios, and we are here to announce that we are hiring an advanced scripter for our project.

Let’s talk about the project first:
The game we are working on is a Speed Run. We are able to easily make more levels, but our lack of scripting skills are pulling us back. Hence we are here. We have a builder and a scripter already recruited, but we still lack in terms of scripting. We would like to hire a scripter to create the following:

  • Teleportation to a new level each time players finish one level.
  • Coins system / Item shop [ With saves ] [ Unless we hire a separate UI designer ]
  • A popup GUI ( Tween) each time a stage is cleared. [ We have the GUI ready ]
    -Developer Products and Gamepasses
    -Forced Animation Script [ We are having problems with this ]
    That’s all.

Payment: Please mind that your payment will be coming from the group funds after the game is released. There is no payment reassurance since our group currently have no funds left. However, as a scripter you will be getting 30% of our game profits.

If you would like to apply, please contact me by my Roblox Messages.

Oh and by the way, the payment is negotiable in private, just letting you know.
Here are the requirements:

  • You were not associated with any incidents that breaks the TOS.
  • You are over the age of 13.
  • You should have scripting experiences from before.

WARNING: If you believe that you don’t have the skillset, please do not apply.

I might be interested, but does your group have any past games or method of gaining a fanbase quickly? Or will this be more of a chance to get popular?

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I personally do not have any games over 70K Visits, but I was able to earn over 159K Robux in about 3 months. The builder in our group is much better than me at almost everything, and since this project is going to be based on a popular game : Speed Run 4, I believe we should be getting at least more than 2K Concurrent Players, if it works out. We are trying the make a cleaner version of it, so we have hopes that this will indeed work. Like I said the payment will be given out each month, 30%. In other words, the percentage will stay the same, but we do not know how much exactly we will be able to make depending on our ways monetization.

Do you have a discord I can contact you at? Or do I need to use Roblox messages like in the post?

Here is the link to our group: We have about 1K fan base. Not that many, but it will still work. CandyCanes Studios - Roblox
My discord: Vectilon#5273

Contact me on Discord : ItsChoco#0902
Heres my portfolio.

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Nice! Maybe we could use a pet system!

How were you able to earn 159k in 3 months? and just because it’s based on speed run doesn’t mean people will transfer over to your game , especially if they wont even know your game exists, making another version of speed run not by the original creator of speed run 4 will get dislikes if it’s too similar,

its the same idea, but with a new approach. We are trying to make an ‘evolved’ version of Speed Run 4, and by that i mean cleaner/modern looking maps, a cleaner GUI, special features and more. And I was able to do that by creating a game with overpriced gamepasses. And by the way I’m not expecting people to transfer. That would be a bad thing. Instead I’m trying to attract newer players into our game. Plus, I’m not worried about the dislikes at all. We at least got a 1K fanbase, and after advertising we should have much more.

I’m intrested, I do not have discord though.

Portfolio: [OPEN] Experienced scripter

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