[HIRING BUILDER] [3000R$-8500R$] StoryMode (Commission)

Play the testing grounds here


Glad you’re here, let’s dig right in!

  • 1 commission (map)
  • Decently sized levels which should let plot develop at an average speed
  • Payment between 3000R$-8500R$ negotiable
  • Finish in under 4 weeks
  • The ability to communicate effectively

I am looking for professional builders who are willing to take up the challenge that this game is.
Imagine a game where you are able to play multiple campaign stories at will with interesting plots and continuity, that is the sort of game that I am making.

Those who are willing to commit will be able to add special features to their map including wall-jump, buttons, switches, dialogue and more. The game includes the use of weapons such as firearms, however enemies within levels are not limited to the generic zombie cliche, albeit I am not stopping you from doing so.


I am a programmer and a builder with an extensive history of working on successful games. I have worked on the following:

Reason 2 Die: Remastered [FOUNDER / PROGRAMMER]
You can play here

A recreation of PlaceRebuilder’s now destroyed Reason 2 Die 2014 game
which was taken down due to hackers. The game was rebuilt from the ground up with the intention of removing hackers from the ecosystem and allowing others to enjoy a blast from the past.

Reason 2 Die: Awakening [BUILDER]
You can play here

Credited maps

  • Cafe County (solo)
  • Zero Kelvin Station (collaboration)

Contributed maps

  • Portland (collaboration)
  • Casius Outpost (models)

I also have many other builds projects which are not publicly available, however this should give you a general idea on my experience on Roblox. This is very valuable as I can understand the work from your point of view and give you appropriate time to work on the game.

If you are interested, please send me a private message and we can further discuss what will be required of you.


Interested in discussing… (Open) Baitem-Building portfolio

im intrested my discord is lovreking#6039

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