[HIRING] Builder, 3D Modeler

:wave: Right to the point

We are creating a Roleplay game that’ll require the basic needs of any other RP game. A good example of this would be like Adopt Me or Paradise Life.

We are looking for scripters, builders, modelers and UI designers!

:ok_hand: Here are some game links that can show you what we want

Example 1: Life in Paradise
Example 2: Family Life

:stuck_out_tongue: Some things that are expected of each role

Builder/Modeler: Housing, Map, Spawn Area, Buildings that can be used to roleplay etc (Low-Poly style)

Scripters: Cash system, 5 seconds until cash, Change RP name, Pet system, Housing system (Purchase/Lock/Unlock House), Vehicle System and more!

UI designers: Avatar Change, RP name, Inventory, Shop etc (MUST BE TOP NOTCH)

More information can be provided on discord. And once again, make sure to look at the game links in order to see what we are looking for.

:money_with_wings: Payment method

Our preferred way of paying is through percentage. We also offer payouts depending on your progress.

:phone: Contact

Cov#0001 (Please only contact me if you believe your work can exceed what the game links provide, we are looking for unique and high quality builders) or send a ROBLOX message here


Could you talk about payment information? Will it be Robux or USD. Percentage or direct payment?
(nvm im blind)


We are still looking for people!

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The discord contact doesn’t seem to work. Can you add me instead? 6dark#4343

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I recently bought nitro, here’s my new contact information.


We are in need of devs still.

No roles have been filled yet, but we have found a composer.

I am highly interested
here is my portfolio

Please contact me on discord Cov#0001

Sent you a friend request on discord. Tag is Alexus#8706
Here’s my portfolio:

Still looking for people!


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Found scripters and UI designers already. Looking for 3D Modelers/Builders.

We’re also looking for people who can model pets.

I can help build dm me @Clxzed#8551 I can also animate.

Do you mean modeler, like asset creator in something like blender ?

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