[HIRING] Builders (60k+ investment)


About us:

Diletta is an Italian restaurant serving many Italian dishes - but primarily pizza.

You can play our game here: Diletta Cafe [TESTING] - Roblox (Please note that this is only 1 day into development.)
And join our group here: Diletta - Roblox


  • Must be active
  • High quality work



  • 10-20% of revenue (60k+R$ in ads)
  • Downpayment, max 2k (if necessary, we prefer no down payment.)
  • 7.5k safety net if the project goes bust.


  • Message me on DevForum
  • Leave a reply on this post
  • Message my discord: winky#0010
  • Join our discord server and contact me (winky#0010) from there: discord.gg/GhTW7AH

Made a bunch of minor tweaks to the post if people want to re-read.

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You’re going to have a hard time trying to find someone to build a Restaurant for potentially 2,000 Robux without a good safety net. In my opinion, spending 60k Robux on ads is a good thing to do, but it may best be spent on compensating your developers, in case if your project was to go under. You wouldn’t have to worry about paying them back. Plus, considering your project hasn’t released yet, there isn’t even a guarantee that your percentage will gain the builder anything.

I would consider offering at least 15-20k up front for a good build, you’ll be a lot more thankful for it and whilst you’re likely to spend less on ads, your game will look a lot more appealing and more likely to monetise. Cafe games hardly monetise, or get any income anyways (most of the time) so if you’re only in it for profiting, you’re in for a hard time.


Thanks for your feedback.
The intention with offering a % rather than an upfront payment was that I would have a lot more money to spend on ads, thus way more money for the devs.

We are selling ranks - so I believe that our game is much more likely to monetize than most other games of the same genre.

I understand what you’re saying about a dev potentially wasting their time, so I’ll add a 7.5k safety net in case the project goes bust.

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There is nothing on the place linked, but I am still interested in working for you. My discord is “will#4070”

Hi! I love your stuff. I messaged you on discord.

hello, I am very interested in helping with this cafe, I don’t do investments but i am a builder that worked on cafes in the past and they are now very popular, I am roughly working on builds for around 15 hours a week if not more so i am very active and I also script If your looking for one in any future games

It would be an honor working with you and best of luck for your restaurant searching for other deveolpers.

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Multiple questions

  1. would there be multiple builders building on same game or would i just work alone?
  2. Do you have the other required devs to make a successfull game?
  3. What is the deadline?

Hope to hear from you soon.

1: We another builder.
2: Yes.
3: We are aiming for a September 1st release, but we will re-evaluate closer to release.

Hi there!
Is it possible for you to send me some examples of your work?

Hey I just want to bring my thoughts on to this.

Really what you need is the builder. That is what needs to be done so you need someone to do that. A builder is going to build of course for a pay, like i said that is a need. Having it built, and paying is an absolute must, having the game going good is kind of just a “plus” in a way. If the game just fails but the builder was paid fully and well, the builder is not going to have a problem. His work was paid for and that is all that is needed.

With your payment for builders you are having a dependent variable, you are depending on the games success to pay your work. As others have said paying at 2,000 will be difficult. It is nice to see 60k in ads but nothing is a must. Best of luck, sorry if what I put made no sense haha.

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Yes, I will give you some links, Feel free to have a look



Here are the two i have worked on the second i don’t develop for anymore but i did most of this.

Hello may I apply for Scripting?

Thanks for your interest, but I think I’ll do the scripting. If you want a scripting tutor feel free to message me on discord.

Oh ok thanks for reply. I hope your game be best! :grin:

I’m interested, I can build. Please DM me so we may talk further:


I’ve just reviewed your game, and here’s my thoughts on this job.

The build style you are requesting takes time to make, the details need to be precise in order for builds of that style to look good. September 1st maybe not be enough time depending on the size you want the build to be. As @Squidzyee said, builders don’t really do this style for percentage. They usually take 15,000 to 20,000 ROBUX due to the amount of time and effort it takes to complete buildings of this style.

Please reconsider your payment as even 7.5K doesn’t cut it.

Hi! I sent you a DM on Discord, though it appears you have not replied.

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