Hiring BUILDERS who can build with Parts, Meshes, and Welds [$500]


About Us

Hi! I am FamedChris, the Lead of Work at a Coffee Shop. I’m looking for builders for our next project who are fast, timely, and can build with welds and block meshes.
Anything anchored and not fitting this requirement will not be accepted!

The Team
@FamedChris- Lead Developer
@Perhapz- Scripter

About The Job

We are looking for a builder who can build fast with welds and block meshes to achieve a style where parts can be blown apart. Wedges and other meshes can be used but must be used minimally.

Example of what we want our maps to look like

Minus all of the textures and terrain work (the cliff side is for the surrounding area)

We’re on a very tight schedule, so we are hiring multiple positions.

We need 8 maps by the end of the month which consist only of the parts being destroyed. No other parts of the map are required. For example, if you had a construction site, all that would be required would be the crane, bulldoser, some tables, and some large crates. The maps should include similar items the picture has shown.

The surrounding area is the lobby part. None of it has to be destructible but it has to be significantly more detailed than the other parts of the map. This includes map dividers, the main “Hub” area, and more.


We are paying $50 per map and $100 for the surrounding area. We need around 8 maps for release and are in a very tight schedule because we would like to release before Christmas. We are willing to hire one builder for the entire job for a $500 total pay, but the job is not able to be dropped if you are going to take it as one builder. If you are one person taking on multiple maps, please divide your time wisely to be able to hit the release date. We are willing to accept any amount of maps.

We are also accepting work with Free Models! Yes, you did hear that right! We’re paying people to use FREE MODELS! The rules for this are that they must be editted beyond their original creation and still fulfill all requirements previously listed. This is for the map portion only. Pay for “Free Model Maps” will be $25 per map but we will only accept 2 of the 8 as free models.

Contact Me

The best places to message me is on Twitter or Discord. My discord is FamedChris#1337 and my Twitter is @FamedChrisRBLX. Please say you are interested in the job and provide a portfolio of your work.

Other Useful Stuff

Some good points of reference may be to look up “Minecraft ______” and to see how they build things. They often times build with a blocky style that is perfect for what we are looking for.
This plugin may prove to be very useful in this job: https://www.roblox.com/library/143152131/Brick-Cutter

I’ve found a good way to approach this build! Start by using a point of reference, then build as long as parts do not clash together and are touching, it will work with welds. Add welds to all sides by using Building Tools by F3X or by using another type of tools, and add block meshes to the build. The BlockMeshes will cover up the welds but they will still be there and stick together. Hope this helps for anyone on the line about this job.

Thank you for your interest!


I really like the idea of your game. Sadly, I wouldn’t be able to work in a group. I’d love to help you guys, but I need to get use to this kind of style. If you need me for simple part building, DM me.


This could be easily achieved with a modular pre made sets of blocks, along with a Plugin to help creating and placing the blocks just like minecraft but in Studio.


I don’t think the pay is high enough, I got 100$ for doing some really simple texture designs


I’ve already got some people interested, but thank you for your criticism! I will keep this in mind!


Sounds interesting! I’ve dropped you a message on discord.


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