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About Us?

We’re hiring a high-quality builder looking to build a Cafe, they must have previous building portfolios, I will be in contact with them through Discord.


I am looking for a medium-sized Cafe done by 5/18/2020. I will be paying around 1-2K for a modern build. (T-Shirt)

If you feel this is the best for you, DM me on Discord - pruhjectiles#1156


Hm, I’m sorry but 1-2k for an entire cafe is way too low.

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Yeah I agree with @blackdhruva, It’s way to low. Especially if you’re paying in t-shirt to that means not even 100% of the already very small amount.

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I can sell you a pre-built modern cafe for 2k but that would only include the exterior.
Here is my portfolio:

Again, 1-2k is way too little for a full cafe.

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