[HIRING] Cartier Games Is Looking for YOU to become our Obby Tower Builder

About Us

Greetings! Cartier Games was a game show studio that I started a while back, that I left it to die. It’s finally time that I got enough motivation to continue it! We are back and ready to be seeing some new people on our team!

The Team
So far, I’m the builder and project manager. I’ve realized that many others can do better, so I’ve decided to hire some more people onto the team. We have a scripter, that will be introduced early on in you journey.

You can see our group here: Cartier Games - Roblox

About The Job

We are looking for an experienced obby builder to join our team. We expect high quality detailed towers that fit into our game. You’re expected to complete as many towers as you want until we go to a stopping point. (We’ll be hiring tons of developers for towers) Each tower must be 5 stages long, and have its own theme.



Our game needs at least 20 towers completed by 3 weeks. We expect each tower will take between 30m-1h.


We are paying 300-1000 R$ per tower. Depending on the towers quality, theme, and uniqueness. Each tower you decide to develop must be fully functioning, and possibly scripting IF needed.

Contact Us

Best possible way to contact me is Discord. If not, send me a ROBLOX message. >>> https://www.roblox.com/users/380361516/profile
You must have lots of free time if you wish to develop for CG.
EXTRA: Message me for your tower template if you wish to build!
Each tower must have a theme, example: rainbow, forest, pumpkin, etc.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to seeing your towers! :slight_smile:

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I am interested working for you.
I have less experience but, I can get the work done. You can expect satisfactory builds.
My discord is

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Just added you! Look forward to discussing with you and hopefully come up with something :slight_smile:

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Is this by row? or the tower itself?

Quite confused about this question, but you will be paid per tower. Hope that helps!

Hello, I would like to work for you. Here is my discord Wyatt#7257 And here is my portfolio Wyatt_Soul's portfolio

Im interested and I’d like to work for you.
Im available up to 3 hours each day

my portfolio

[Builder/Artist] RoccoDK04's Portfolio

Discord: RoccoDeK04#4027

Looking through your portfolios right now!

Do you have experience in obby building?

is this only for robux payment or you are able to pay in usd aswell?

Hey there! Tried to send you a friend request but came up with this…

Here is my old portfolio for building:

Ignore the prices, they are different now!

I can make some meshes and create a wonderful hobby for you I contacted you one discord. Also @Cartiergems are you not accepting people anymore because your friend request is blocked. Mine is EddieTheEgg#3148

Add me at:

Hope to potentially work for you!

Only robux payment! Hope that helps!

Just added everyone who asked to be added, look forward to talking!

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