Hiring clothes maker and gfx artist! (open)


I am looking for a clothing designer for my clothes group!

i am looking for trendy asthetic clothing and Trap clothing so stuff like this

stuff like this etc.


i am willing to split the payment with the designer

so: @Roblox will take 30%

@THEEPICcAR156 30%

@couldbeyou: 40%
But backup is availible (20k)

GFX will get:200 robux but can go up to 1k

Discord: A1.2trappy#4996

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I might be interested in the GFX role, contact me here:
Itsyourdriver#7497 or on the DevForum @Itsyourdriver

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I’ve sent a request, I’m interested in making a logo, or possibly clothing branding for you. My name is tired on discord. Portfolio - Aerosies Logo Showcase and Commisions [DATED AND CLOSED] - #5 by SyIverStar

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