Hiring developers and designers! CLOSED

Hello! We are Fashionista, a small clothing group! We are looking for some designers and builders!

@username ANUBIS6661 - owner
@username Jxckk_o - designer
@username Oh3lite - game developer

We are looking for great designers and builders to help us grow our group, keep in mind out theme is aesthetic! We need designers and builders who can follow this theme! The builders would be working on the home-store, the designers would be working on our clothing!

So this is the deal, the pay will be decided based off of the earnings each month, you can also ask if you want us to hold onto your pay and add additional the next month! This is a guarantee pay, unless you just don’t work at all.

You can contact us at Developer forums only, so you can apply in the comments of this post. from all of us at fashionista we wish you good luck!

Written by: ANUBIS6661

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If you have any questions please say it here in the dev forums!

The earnings of what? The group? If so, what percentage of the earnings do we get? Please add more detail.

The group name is fashionista! The earning would be from 10%-30% the earnings will be payed in robux.

Is this for designers or developers?

Fashiønista% (30 characters totally)

Either would work. We need both.

Im interested in building it! I have worked on a home-store kinda like this one!

Also do you have a Back-Up payment??? Juts incase the game flops?

I would like to build here, the only concern I have is if there’s any backup payment in case the game goes into bad land, just for the risk-factor. Here’s my portfolio if you are interested: Edisondoggyfun Builder/Modeler Portfolio - #3 by EddiePogster

no longer interested, post edited so my portfolio doesn’t have to be linked to this.

This is closed, sorry everybody!

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