[HIRING] eduDev Staff Employment

About Us

Hi there! We are eduDev, a roblox development education platform dedicated to providing free roblox tutorials,articles, and courses

You can see our progress so far here: https://www.edudevco.com/

About The Job

We are looking for Staff to fill in Community rep, Moderator, Application readers, Influencers, Social media team and such.
you will receive a business email with the domain @edudevco.com and access to the special community. this is a volunteer job and is for people who would like to contribute to the community of aspiring Roblox developers

Contact Us

you can contact us at
and on the devforum.

Hope to see you join us!


First initial question

  • Can I apply here and over at exploreDev?

  • How long do applications usually last till?

  1. Yes, if bensyncs is fine with that you are ok to do so,
    and care to elaborate on number two?

How long does it usually take to process the submitted application

if you submit soon, it should take anything from 30 minutes to an hour. submit and it will take a day at most

First off I’d like to say how impressed I am with how nice of an employment post is. I love the name of the group by the way also. Very short and original.


I’d enjoy trying out this position and I have sent you a request, my username is my name on Discord.

I am very interested! I messaged you on Discord regarding this!

I’m quite interested! i sent you a friend request!

Just wanted to drop in and say this is a great opportunity. Astra and the staff team are helpful, easygoing, and fun and the community is great! The tutorials on the website are really helpful, and I think it’s a great opportunity to apply.

The Discord and Roblox Group are also really nicely organized and set up (I wonder who did that…)


I appreciate the kind words! Thanks!

Hello, I’m a staff here at EduDev, I really suggest you apply being a staff. You will learn a lot from us. I hope too see you all apply. Highly Suggesting it.

Hi I’d like to apply for a moderation job. Add me on Discord Strongjohnf#3016.

Quick tip, try not to make your website with wix. Try to make it without using other websites.

I’m not hiring a professional to make the same thing just to satisfy to anti website builders

I am not an anti website builder. I sort of make websites myself and I was just saying that you shouldn’t use wix.

but again, it is just a suggestion so you don’t have to listen to me

Yes, otherwise it would be offtopic

Yes, we don’t have 30+ ads but we need ads to pay for the website as it cost me 300+ to buy the domain and host it

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I’m one of the educators for EduDev and I’d like to say that joining their staff team is a great opportunity. They’re growing really fast and being a staff member for them helps you grow connections and even friendships with different developers. If you’re still hesitant about it, it never hurts to join and see for yourself :wink: