[HIRING] Experienced 3D modelers for map assets! (~30,000 Robux per Zone)

About Me

Hey! I’m ActiveWizard, the lead developer and programmer of Warrior Simulator on Roblox. I’m currently looking for builders/modelers to continue the development of Warrior Simulator. Check out the game here: 💪Warrior Simulator!💪 - Roblox

Job Description

I’m currently looking for experienced builders/3D modelers who can create new zones in the game’s style.


  • Ability to create map assets such as trees, rocks, pyramids, and unique models for each zone theme. You can choose themes for new zones that you think you can create the best.
  • Each zone will require a border built (placed along both sides) and various models for design. Zones are sized 300x300. You should be able to create a wide variety of models that suit a variety of themes (grass theme, desert theme, future theme, etc.)
  • Assets must fit the style of the game and current zones. (Example screenshots are provided below.)
  • All assets must be made with mesh parts or parts (can use both).
  • All assets must be completely original work. Texturing is not required.
  • Assets must be completed in a timely manner (provide weekly updates or sooner).
  • Assets must perform well on a variety of devices, including older devices and phones + tablets.

Map Examples

(Blue/red blocks are enemy spawns, which you do not have to worry about placing, but there should be adequate space for enemy and boss spawns.)




Payment will be made per zone after it is completed and screenshots are provided. Payment is negotiable. Estimated: 20,000-30,000+ Robux per zone.


If you think you would be best for this job, please include images of your previous work that is similar to current Warrior Simulator zones/models. Thanks!
Discord: ActiveWizard#9322


I have added you. ZackDaBoi#0001

I have added you, very interested in this job

I sent you a request, this is a very interesting task.


Hi sir , I am interested here is my portfolio: Azroxl | Low Poly Builder/Modeler/User Interface Designer - #18 by BIazeNix

this job looks real cool, hope to talk with you soon!

I am interested Sent you a friend request on discord @ ReflectiveJaydaboss#6658

I have DM’ed you.
My name is Yor_ick#4050.

I’m intrested.
Added you, Schnitzel#7604

I can vouch for ActiveWizard, I’ve contributed over 12 variations of bundles and been paid in a very timely manor!

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