Hiring Experienced builders and scripters

HIRING I’m looking for a couple EXPERIENCED builders and scripters to help develop a police/city RP game. If possible, I would like you to have two people who are able to vouch for you. PAYMENT I am willing to pay up to 10k in group funds total for exceptional work. EXTRA THIS IS A LONG TERM JOB. Do not attempt to scam me, it will not work . I expect professional developers who will work well in a team. Any unprofessional DMs asking to be a apart of the team will be automatically declined and not answered.

Contact with him via discord: mexican papi#3910


Hi! I am interested to be a builder for you.
My discord, jacc17#8472

Hello I’m a Scripter, no discord please message me on forum, Job as a Scripter

Why you don’t use discord, you should because it makes easy.

Because I’d rather message on forum.

Literally if the people uses devforum then what’s your point, the people who aren’t member they can’t do it.

Don’t think I’m searching it’s my friend, but if you don’t have discord then I can’t do nothing man.

If you don’t need Scripter then it’s ok.

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