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About Us

Hello! My team which consists of a determined group of successful developers are looking for a compatible programmer to fit in our team. We have produced many successful games starting back in 2013, we released a few tycoons which quickly reached the front page. Since then our games have evolved from the simple tycoons to complex simulators. We are currently looking for a programmer who shares the same vision as us. We plan on continuing to produce games that are both quality and enjoyable for people all over the world on every platform.


We have made many different types of games which you can view down below.

Previous Games

Balloon Simulator - Reached the front page
🎈 UPDATE 🎈 Balloon Simulator - Roblox

Emoji Simulator - Reached the front page
[OLD] 😂Emoji Simulator - Roblox

Woodchopping Simulator - Reached near the front page
🔥3 X EVENT🔥 | Woodchopping Simulator - Roblox

Mob Miners - Near the Front Page | Featured & Rthro
Mob Miners - Roblox

The Robine’s Banclaw - Extremely successful border
[💰] City-17 DarkRP - Roblox

The Robine’s City 17 Remade - Second version of the original City 17 Border RP
level-5 test - Roblox

Growing Prison Roleplay Game
Area-17 [UPDATED] - Roblox

Hero Inc - Considered a failed game in our eyes. (Only reached ~2,500 Players)
Superhero Inc - Roblox

Candy Cane Simulator - Also considered a failed game in our eyes (Only reached ~2,000 Players)
NEW! Candy Cane Simulator - Roblox

Crime Street - Made in a day reached ~1,000 Players
[NEW] Crime Street - Roblox

Old Tycoons

[NEW] Toy Factory Tycoon - Roblox

Superhero Tycoon! [UPDATE] - Roblox

Candy Tycoon! - Roblox

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for programmers that are willing to take on a percentage to script a few different unique games. We currently have a few different games that range from simulators to round based games which are just lacking a capable scripter.

All of our games contain a completed map, assets, and UI but are just lacking a capable scripter to bring the whole game together.

We’re looking for a programmer that has a decent amount of experience, and is willing to join voice chats actively. We also want to bring in someone that shares the same desire of making millions of robux and is willing to devote time and dedication into the game.


We’re currently looking to pay scripters with a percentage rather then straight up commissions. Percentages can go anywhere from 20% - 40% (Negotiable)


Discord - Noah#1865 (Please send examples!)


Vouch! Goaldan and his team are incredibly experienced and professional and it was a pleasure working with them in the past.


Vouch for these guys. Great to work with and consistently successful.

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Good team to work with. Working with them in the past, it’s been very easy to get the game up and running. They’re responsive, professional, and constantly looking for ways to make the game succeed more than it already is. Vouch!

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Worked with them for several years on projects, can definitely vouch for them!


Vouch, worked with the team on Balloon Simulator and several other projects

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I’d be interested in non-simulator games. I’m good with percentage :slight_smile: I will also be very active in voice chats aswell. I also model, build, and do simple textures. I can do pretty much anything just not vehicles however I could learn but that’d take some time to learn.

We’re still looking for more programmers!

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Contacted you on Discord, Commander Tempest#1406

We are still looking for developers, please use any of the contact methods to get in touch!

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I want to ask you something in dm, I already sent you the friend request for discord, my discord is = Nicolas DEV # 4794

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