[Hiring] Fast Food Tycoon

About Us

Hello, I am in the process of making a new game (Fast Food Simulator) for a development group (not named yet).

The Team
@username - Scripter
@username - Art
@username - Modeler
@ThaDiamondKing - Builder

About The Job

Hello, we need 3 developers who can do the following jobs.

Scripter - Script the whole game + script te UI. (more information just msg me).

Art - Create the UI and other various art needed for the project. (it’s a low poly game)

Modeler - We need a blender modeler to create foods etc for the game.

All the details will be explained thoroughly, just send me a DM.

I need someone who has experience for this job so please make sure you send a good portfolio where I can look into your skills.


For the payment, we will together agree on something. I don’t have a set amount however I will pay well. (I cannot expand on this as I’m not very good on prices but I will explain the job in-depth and you can decide how much you would like for the project). I can pay in USD. For scripting, I would like around 80+. Everything else is negotiable.

Contact Us

You can contact me through discord or here on DevForum.

Discord - ThaDiamondKing#4345

Thank you very much, hope to hear from you soon :smiley:


How can Developers Trust this? You need to mention your budget? Developers Need to know what the maximum you are offering, for example, if it was 100k, Tons of developers would be interested, but if it was 1k, Good Luck finding someone…


Sounds Great, however I will be sending you my Portfolio please make sure about the above post.

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Yes, but i’m willing to discuss with people. It’s not that low don’t worry haha.

I have sent u my portfolio :slight_smile:

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Can I do GFX for thumbnails/loading screens etc. (Open) GFX Commisions

Still looking for new people! Give me a message :smiley:

Here, add me! I am interested in the UI position. kuoves ✘#9867

Hi! I am a graphic artist and would love to work with you, here is my Discord and portfolio.
Discord: Zach#6694
Portfolio: GFX Artist | Commissions Open | Skilled Work

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Haha you only say 100k because you just put an ad up with 100k :joy:

i am interested on the 3d modeler role add me Peer#4536

Hello there! I’m a programmer, and I found out your project interesting.

About me

Well, I’m AllGoodNamesRGone243 (Real name: Claudio, you can call me Claudio if you want) and I’m a young programmer with 9 months of experience on Roblox Development!

Any other experience? Yes!

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JSON
  • JS

And a lot more!

I used to create videogames on Unreal Engine, but I just got tired of being really busy and the stress that generates Unreal when you have to code with C++.

I make Webpages for comission, since I don’t accept % if it’s something like that, anyway, my experience on Unreal Engine leaved me some good other jobs o departments where I can work too! Something like: Building (3D Modeling), Characters Rigging, Programming, UI’s Desig, etc.

Anyway, I just don’t want to be hired by this, a lot more people is more qualifies to the job than me.

Contact via

  • Discord: @allgood.#7032
  • Roblox Username: AllGoodNamesRGone243

And obviously you can contact me here, via DevForum!

Have a nice day! - allgood.

Hello, I am interested in the UI role. Message me (Mestrix#2457) and we can discuss further in more detail.

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