Hiring for more teammate! The Dead Ones [Open]

About me

Hello, this is the co-owner speaking, the game is currently sitting around 1.2k visits, the game is made as a horror + story game, there will also be twelve chapters in the game.

About the game

  • The first chapter start off with you missing your first day of school, you and your other pals will have to run to school, after that you are greeted with an unhappy principal, then you have to go to your class with Mrs. Underwood, your teacher waiting to start the day, few hours go by, and you go to lunch, but an unexpected event happen at lunch, because of a puddle on the ground, then, smoke happens to appear and this guy (demon) appears saying that he’s the ‘The Master’ of the ‘The Dead Ones’, I’m stop here, play the game if you want to try before applying.

Edit: If you have any questions about the game after testing it out, contact me so I can give him (the actual owner) the screenshot he wants, so that the game has better outcome in future updates.

Why am I making this

  • Here why I’m making this job application, the dead ones is currently in alpha stage, and there is only 2 chapters for now, the owner has told me that when chapter 3 releases the game turns into beta. Chapter 3 is the longest and hardest chapter to come, so we need a better team to help out with this chapter, and many more to happen.

Your Requirements

  • The building team will help out by continuing the game with the twelve chapters that will happen in the game, your task is to make maps for the game, make trees, cars (your example is the screenshot below), and rework the houses in game (the chapter 1 lobby, and chapter 1 gameplay, etc).
Screenshot Example

  • The programmer team will help out fixing bugs, and program the twelve chapters that will happen in the game.

  • The Sound Production team will make sound effects, and music.

  • The animation team will help out by animating the cutscene that will happen in every ending chapter.

  • The voice actor team will voice act with the script the owner gives you. You’ll be able to hear your acting once it is publish to the game. We need UGC for each main character in game.

Your name will be put in game, and the game bio, with your own stand too.

Your payment

Your Compensation earnings is 15%, read below.

  • The funds comes from premium payouts users, and the revive system that is in the game already, the current funds for the game is >1,500 robuxs. I know your payment will not be the best, but if you help out the game and make the game more popular, your earnings will increase.

Contact us both

  • Contact me here on Roblox, my messages are open if you are feeling to apply, or if you want to chat with the owner, do it here on discord: gld_minecart3x_29996
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