[HIRING] Foreign Translator Wall Moderator [CLOSED]

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Hi there we’re a Roblox Community group for developers and gamers! This group gathers people to interact, make friends, and make incredible topics.
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The Team
@ultramineboy33- Wall Moderator
@RISING_ROBLOX- Lead Group Developer
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About The Job

We are looking for a wall moderator that can translate foreign languages to moderate the group wall from inappropriate foreign words.


We are not offering any payment, this is voluntarily if you want to work for the group as a Foreign Wall Moderator.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum.
Or add me in Discord Rbxmega#3338


  • Must be 13 years old
  • Translate German, Finnish, Spanish, or Korean
  • Member of the Developer Forum

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Bit of a strange ‘voluntary’ position considering the groups wall has been completely in English so far.

Anyway, it might be wise to specify which languages you are looking for rather than simply ‘foreign.’


I am a translator, my discord is: Nicolas DEV # 4794

Ok, but are you willing interested in doing it? Remember we offer no payment and we expect people who want to do it, is to do it volunatarily.

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I want to have more experience

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Ok, join the group. Also you will get the role of wal moderator.

Do you have discord…???

Yes, Rbxmega#3338
It’s my discord also might fix the recruitment

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Hello there!
I am PalmCrafter, a native German speaker, and I am offering you my abilities as a translator.
I translate from English to German. I translated some websites and games (not Roblox) in the past and always had alot of fun. The only negative aspect is, that I want a payment (negotiable). I will do a cheap and precised translation. That is something you can 100% expect from me. Please contact me via Discord PalmCrafter#8841.
I hope to hear from you even, if I expect a payment.


Sorry I only accept voluntarily we don’t pay anything to our workers they only do it voluntarily.

Ok but thank you for the quick answer!

I’m starting as translation, I mean that I know english and spanish fluent, so I can translate english texts to spanish, I know that you aren’t paying but I just need experience to post in my portfolio.

Please, join the group if your interested to be part of our staff team.

I already sent you a request, I need you to accept it

Ok. Later I will.
Thank you for stating that.

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