[HIRING] Freelance to Long Term Team Members for various games and projects

About Us

Hello! We are NoobFragged Games, a small upcoming game development team. We’re looking for scripters, builders/mesh designers, and others who are willing to join our team as either a team member or steady freelancer to work with us on several different projects.

What we do

We’re an open-source driven development team focused on sharing content with the Roblox community. Ranging from resources that we open source and dead open-source games we revive to original games that we will one-day open source when we are done with them our goal is to build a sharing community on Roblox where everything from the development of the game to the eventual release of it is community involved. You can see some of our work here:


The Team
@NoobFragged - Developer/Project Coordinator
@kaydenotis11 - Scripter/Builder
@eyrtuiop232 - Scripter
@EvilEnderslender - Animator
Plus many freelancers we work with regularly!

We’re looking for quality people who can seriously raise the bar.

About The Job(s)

These roles are ones we need to be filled with people who are able to work steadily:
~Quality Professional Low-Poly Map Builder, preferably one that can also build custom meshes.
(Most of our maps are fantasy/low-poly/cartoony styles).
~Scripter/Troubleshooter/Optimizer Capable of finding performance flaws and improving scripts, repairing defunct systems, analyzing code, building upon existing code, and improving it while still being efficient with time and work.
~Designer For outfitting various NPCs, enemies, and other character figures.
~Artist Capable of producing high-quality enticing and fully staged GFX, Ads, Icons, Thumbnails, and in-game art.


Truthfully I prefer to hire and will always give first shots to people who know the value of their work and can give me prices per asset or at least price ranges upfront without haggling (I dislike haggling a great deal). My preferred payment method is PayPal however Robux is also an option for those who cannot take PayPal.

We only offer direct payments at this time as we maintain several games in one community and everything brought in goes back to the community as a whole so there are no perms or % based payments offered.

Contact Us

I prefer that you contact me here on the Developer Forum first.
Alternate communications are available after initial screening.
Applicants 16 years or older with a substantial portfolio of quality work are preferred.

Thank you for your interest in working with NoobFragged Games! :slight_smile:

I’m interested I have experience in modeling fantastic swords and fantasy things and other things contact me on discord how The ZORRO#2870

Interested in one of the positions. Meteor0id, Modeling/UI/SFX/Scripting/Graphics

Hello! I am a freelance builder! Please message me here on the devforum if you would like to hire me!

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