Hiring GFX Artist. [1-2k Robux]

About The Job

I am looking for a GFX artist of any experience level to make me 1 Advertisement and 1 Group Icon. The Icon should be similar to the reference given below and with the models provided and any free models/open-source models you wish to include. Specifics will be provided in Private Messages.

GFX Icon should look like this, so should the advertisement but there will be more specifics that will be discussed in Private Messaging.

Reference: [Image found on Google]


We are paying 750-1000 for the Icon, and 1000-1250 for the Advertisement, depending on quality, time completed etc.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum
Any attempt to contact with any other platform will be met with failure as I do not currently use any other means of communication.

Sorry for the mild inconvenience.

Thanks for reading! :smile:


Hi! I’m interested in the job.

Hey, I sent you a message earlier, please get back to me soon. Looking forward to working with you.

Hi Im interested here is my portfolio

add me on discord : FireAtacck#7601

Currently interested.
You may find my portfolio once you have DMed me or such.

Hey interested in the job!!
Work examples: .

. eb8ee1ea09c46bbebc055beee731bfca4080e5fc



. 934156fe2a93e2df4f98d0483719db76ffa4ad95

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