[HIRING] GFX Designer for Simulator


I’m in need of a graphics designer that can make a game icon and thumbnail for my simulator. If anyone is interested in this job, please message me on the DevForum or on Discord. I will go into more detail on Discord on what I would like in the GFX.

Discord: FlurryTheDino#0015

When sending me a friend request, please leave a comment stating your Discord username and that you sent one. I have a lot of friend requests on Discord right now.

My price range is small. It’s 150 Robux - 550 Robux. Prices can change.


I’ll see if I could do it, depending on how difficult it is. I’ll send a friend request on Discord, (My discord name has changed a little, lol_ill_kill_you <3 :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:#3952).

Hi! I sent over a friend request! My discord name is bionic#9528

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