Hiring Graphic Artist [CLOSED]

Nordic Hotel Graphics Information
Greetings! My name is Zqtion and I’m one of the owners of a upcoming group in the hotel industry, Nordic Hotel. Currently we’re still in development, with that being said, we’re also looking for all new graphics. We’re looking for a icon and thumbnail for 5 games, and an ad. Adding up to 11 graphics. Along with that we’re looking for a new 2D group icon. We’re willing to negotiate on prices. You can contact me via discord, matthew;#7450 or you can reach me here on the dev forum.

UPDATE - We have a designer for the render graphics, but we’re still looking for an artist to make the 2D logo!


Hello! Do you have a range of what your budget may be? I have some hesitations to apply due to next to no information on payment. :happy2:

I already sent you the application

For me to give you a range, I would need to see examples of your work.

Alright! Here’s a portfolio for you to check out, if you like what you see then feel free to accept my friend request on Discord (I’m Starazal#8185!), thanks for your time!

Hi there - I would love to make a 2d logo! Its name you price for me!

It depends on the work, could you contact me via disc?

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