[Hiring] I need assistance with designing the user interface of my game

Hi guys,

I’m looking for a UI designer and some advice on how to create the user interface for my game, Typeracer. I scripted the game and have a working prototype of what I want to achieve. The only thing is I’m not the best at UI design. This is where I need your help.

The Team (so far)
@LUCKY4291 - Scripter

You can see my progress so far here.

My Prior Experience
My most successful game has over 1 million place visits on my group page and over 600 thousand place visits on my profile.

About the Job
Currently, the interface of the game is all white. I did this just to get a working prototype of the game, and I realize that it can cause eye strain for players. I’m looking for somebody who can create a design that is visually pleasing and will contribute to the “typing experience,” preferably something skeuomorphic or something that contributes to computers or typewriters. I will be checking your progress daily, and I’m looking forward to learning from your techniques for future projects. I will of course provide all of the UI elements necessary and hierarchy needed to keep the original code working.

I would like to see perhaps a resume of some sort of the things you’ve worked on in the past and for whom you worked.

My preferred method of payment is Robux. I’m willing to negotiate anything you’re comfortable with. I have a lot of Robux in my account, but it’s just a matter of moving it to my group funds so that I can pay you. I’m looking for something short term.

You can contact me here on the DevForum, Twitter, or Discord. Feel free to send me a friend request:
Lucky Games (Preferred method of communication) lucky4291#8192

Looking forward. If you have any advice as to what I can do as well, please let me know in the comments below.

You must be at least 13 and have experience with UI design. (16+ preferred)

Thank you,

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I am interested in the job.
here is my portfolio

you can contact me at 32k#9388

Thank you. I sent you a friend request.

I am interested. MrBunnyKing#8346

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