Hiring Long Term Developers!

Doge Developer Studios

Hello fellow developers! We are a new development group trying to make games that will go big! However, we are looking for help since working together is better! Are you interested in joining a development team that could go big in the future and you could get rich from developing? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here is a list of what we are hiring:

  • A Builder that specializes in building Low Poly Style
  • A GFX Artist that can design thumbnails, buttons, and icons
  • An Advanced scripter to work with me to script (I am a scripter too, but may need help)
  • A Composer/Sound Effect Creator to make game sounds and music
  • A 3D Modeler to design in-game items


You will be paid a percentage of the game’s earnings since we are hiring developers that are willing to stay on the team and continue to develop. We could also negotiate an amount per build/model/song amount, however, you will not receive percentage of the game’s earnings. Payments with too high expectations may not be accepted since I do not have much robux at the moment, so please try to accept the percentage at the most if possible.


  • You must be Active and work often
  • I would expect at least 1 job done every 3-7 days unless the job is big or there is an exception
  • You must show previous work of your skill zone to even be able to be accepted
  • Please do not complain about payment, if you don’t like your pay you get, you can work harder to get a better pay.


If you are interested, add me on discord! Tag: BuilderDolphin#9422

You can also join the discord server and message me there. Discord server link: Doge Developer of Studios

Thank you for reading! If interested read above! :smile:

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Hi, I am a GFX artist. Here’s my portfolio:| Experienced graphics designer | [CLOSED]

Consider adding payment so people know how much they are getting paid

Please add me on discord at:

Hey, I won’t mind taking a deeper look into this.
My portfolio: Torchic000's Low-Poly Map/Asset Design Portfolio
Discord: geb#5228

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