[HIRING] Looking for Developers to Work on a Game with many Minigames to Play!

About Us

Hi there! I’m looking to finish up a brand new game and I am currently looking for developers to help me do so! I plan for it to be a game where there are many different minigames and you can play to earn points! I can do most of the stuff for the game but I just need a bit of extra help.

What We Need

  • Scripter (2/2)
  • UI Designer (2/2)
  • Builder (2/2)
  • GFX Designer (1/2) | Looking for a group logo and game thumbnail
  • Minigame Creator (1/∞) | We need someone to make the actual minigames themselves
  • Clothing Designer (2/2) | We would like to release merch at some point
  • Let me know if you specialize in another skills!


Depending on what previous work you show, we can negotiate a payment in direct messages.

Contact Us

You can contact me via my by privately messaging me on the Roblox DevForum, Discord direct messages (Coderholic#4750), or by commenting on this post.

Please contact me if you are a developer of any sort, I need all the help I can get.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! :slight_smile:


What do you need finished as a scripter?

I’m Interested in building the lobby. My Discord is Mine_rr#5759. I can send you my portfolio on discord. I send you a friend request, and I’m just looking for something fun to do when in quarantine!

We need to tween the UIs once they are made by the UI designer.

Alright, I’ll get to it now. Thanks.

Are you still hiring Scripters?

I was wondering if you would you need a modeler

No, we don’t need a modeller at this moment in time.

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Yes, we are still hiring scripters!

I would like to join.
My Portfolio

Do you have Discord?
(30 characters)

Yes I do.
30 charararararararararararas

Add me, my name is Coderholic#4750

I recommend having 2 builders at most, one lobby one map, 2 scripters is fine unless you are doing percentages, and I don’t think you need 3 gfx designers, just 3 pictures which one can create, the map builder can make the minigames. Unless you can pay all of these people, because with all of this percentages wouldn’t work, I recommend what I said above.

How much robux do you have at the moment? I don’t wanna add you and find out you have 0, specify the payment details in the post or you will get way less professional applicants.

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