[Hiring] Multiple Developer Positions [UI/Art Designer/Builder]

About Us

Hi there! We are small time Development team who is currently working on a game based on boss battles :smile:

The Team
@fleebmans - NPC/AI Scripter
@Buakeu - Client/Server Scripter
EMPTY - Builder(Preferred Low Poly)
EMPTY - Art Designer

About The Jobs

We are looking for a Builder as well as a UI Designer/Art Designer to help us complete the game by early February, If you think you are qualified or can complete the work by that time, post your discord below or DM on on the Devforums with it :thumbsup:

The requirements aren’t stringent, we only need around 8 pieces of UI work done, as well as 5 sets of armor as well as 4 swords for the Building, as for art work we’ll need a Thumbnail along with 2 Ad’s along with certain in-game icons/gamepass icons, the game is currently not in a playable phase but will be entering beta within the next few weeks!


We’ll be paying you dependent on the work you finish

Builder - 100-750 Robux per asset(Dependent on the quality and complexity of the work) or an agreed USD Payment price negotiated through PayPal
UI -100-350 Robux per piece(We do not need any complex UI work done this is our easiest job :smile:)
Art Designer - 500-1.5k Robux (Depending on quality of the work) or an agreed USD Payment price negotiated through PayPal

All robux payment is through group funds payouts

You aswell could choose to take a percentage payout from the game for the work you complete

This will be negotiated on Discord of exact percentages if you decide to take this route

Contact Us

You can contact me on Discord, just DM me your Discord on Devforums or post it below :smile:
You must be 13 years or older to apply.


Can you give us examples of what we will be doing?

I’m interested. I’m a Spanish builder and translator

For Builders you’ll be making Assets such as (Swords/Armors/Boss Rooms)
While for UI we have a place holder but it describes what needs to be done https://prnt.sc/qj3ih6

As for Art Designers we don’t have anything to base off of and give them full creativity on it only requirement is to keep the topic of the game in mind :smile:

Swords and Armors are more of a modelers job.

Alrighty what is your Discord :smile:

We don’t want 3D Modeling we’d prefer low poly building

What is the reason for that, low poly is a modeler job, just a suggestion, say cartoony builder instead of low poly.

The reasoning is just because we’d like to keep a simple feel for the game, we’d be open minded to modeling as long as it was extremely simple and doesn’t take away from the cartoon feel :smile:

Nicholas DEV # 4794. that’s my discord

I’m a UI Designer. Contact me with: blush#5230

I can try the simple feel in 3D Modeling, works the same as roblox but better, I will also like to apply for the UI position. My disc is dank Jolly#2608

There seems to be a typo, it says the ID is invalid :sweat_smile:

I’m interested in creating in-game icons and gamepasses.

Here’s my portfolio. Commissions: Jupiterc's 2D Artwork

Contact me on Fearful#0347 if interested!

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