[hiring] need skilled scripter and 3d modeler

This is a revivalry of the previous game mad games. https://www.roblox.com/games/244121573/NEW-Mad-Games-v2-32 3
It’s a totally amazing game created by @loleris this game is totally inspired by him and everyone should check him out. This is not a copy its just inspired by him.

Job Recruitment Template
About Us
Hi im the only person who is part of the team. I’m head management, I will be receiving 10% which you may find outraging yet. I will be spending 5k robux on my own to advertise the game when it is finished. Also, I will be paying for any kind of fees.

The Team
@THIS CAN BE YOU - 3D Modeling
@THIS CAN BE YOU / I can help out a bit - Scripter

About The Job
About this job, is that you are going to need to be active all the time. this is just a push for you to be able to work hard and show you deserve to keep your role. Stop reading this section now if you are not a scripter. Calling all scripters we need you and we need you now. We need a working gem system/shop system knife’s kinfe abilities, and more.

We are going to be paying 1k robux to each member at the end of your term. Also, you will be receiving a percentage of the game. This percentage will be listed below.
Scripter - 25%
Builder - 20%
UI - 10%
Animator - 10%
Supervisor - 10%
3D Modeling - 15%

Contact Us
Contact me on discord juicy#4059
You must be 13 years or older to apply.
We will be paying you at the end of the day a amount of paypal or robux.
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

ALL PROPS DESERVED GO TO @loleris and his dev team for being amazing !

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Interested in builder position _2537 _ #5424 no spaces

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Hey, i’d love to apply for 3D modeller. Check out my previous work here and add me on discord if you like it : Red1Monster#3623

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