Hiring Professional Builder

This post has deleted by the author.


I’m interested. Do you have a discord though? Also, can the USD be changed into robux?

Your last post was flagged and deleted I think, and I already contacted you about the position but you never responded back.

Care to explain?

Same here. 30 characters,
I’m also wondering if he will actually pay that much- I mean, it’s a LOT of money.

I am interested here is my portfolio: ZeXelDev | Low Poly Builder/Modeler/UI Designer

I followed you on Twitter but it seems that I am not able to Private Message you. You can follow me back at @mrknetz or add me on Discord: Caaguin#1526. (But it would be better if you add me on Discord as that’s what I check few times per day, as for Twitter, I check it once in a blue moon).

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