[HIRING] School Builder

About Us

Currently we are a school with over 22,000 students and growing daily. We are looking for an experienced builder to construct a campus for us.

About The Job

We are looking for someone to build the school campus/building. This includes attempting to basically build the roblox school to be as close to as possible to the school in the images. Keeping in mind roblox sizing so walls, roofs, etc are not awkwardly sized.


We are paying USD.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum using private messages.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I can build a school, but I only take robux.
Portfolio - [OPEN] iconicfannys modelling + building portfolio

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I’m available!
My social medias are listed on my portfolio.

Nothing has to be coded right? And how much are you willing to offer?

Sure, I would like to hear more about this campus idea of yours. Discord tag: Vincent G#3543

Hello! I’m Abhay216 I’m A Low Poly Builder I Can Build Houses To Land, I Have Discord If You Do We Can Talk On It. And I Would Like A Layout For The Build.

Discord : TheRealRedDino#6476


i am interested. does the school have to be a specific style. and what images are you talking about

@bronsonman @Abhay216

If you could send me a message with some examples of your work that would be good.

well i don’t want to do it if i don’t know the style and how you want it. could you provide some images or words that describe the style you would like the school to be

I Sent Some Builds

(30 charrr)

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