Hiring scripter for a order system

Abel’s Restaurant Franchise is a French based restaurant that has not released with already 400+ members. We are still getting the group together for our official launch.

We are looking for a scripter willing to create a full order system. We are thinking of having a register at every table. How it work s would be Staff click the screen, a ui pops up. Staff would then select the items, write the table number and simply send. The order would then pop up on a tv screen in the kitchen where chefs can claim the order. When they claim that order, they get a little ui on the screen saying the order and table number. When the food is complete, the chef may then deliver the food to the customers. Which gives them access to the complete order button to remove the order ui from their screen. Once the food is given and the customer accepts it. They get 1 point per item. I ALSO EXPECT YOU TO MAKE DECENT UI

I have never ordered something like this, so the order would be what you think is well. It is always negotiable.

Interested? Contact me on discord at Trophane#8773

Have a great day!

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I am interested, you already have my discord

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If the scripter can’t build the UI, I can build it for a low price. Check my portofolio, and tell if you wanna hire

Greetings, I’d like to talk about a few things. Added you on Disc: Climber#3283.

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