[Hiring] Scripter for Stranded (Survival Game)

[Hiring] Scripter for Stranded (Survival Game)

About Us

Hey there! My name is TapWater, I’m currently looking for a Full-Time Scripter for an upcoming survival game I’m planning to create.

About The Job

I’m looking for a professional scripter to join the team who has the time on their hands, along with the dedication to make this happen. The game is going to be similar to another survival game named Booga Booga. The scripter will need to be capable of creating features such as:

  • PvP Mechanics

  • Drivable Boat Mechanics

  • No Player Collision

  • Destroying Structures With Tools

  • Equip-able Tools and Armor

and more. Those are just some of the most important features. Without a doubt, I am looking to maintain a healthy relationship with the scripter, check team progress daily to see what we’ve gotten done, what problems there we’re, and how I can help!

If you’re interested in seeing the building style of the game then you can look here:

Building Style of the map

Also for the scripter, I have many scripts you can reference when writing the features/mechanics for Stranded. I understand a decent bit of Lua, so I wrote a bit of scripts myself which you can either delete and write a new script yourself, or use it and change it however you would like!

The Vision

Most importantly, I want you (the scripter) to be able to see the vision behind this project. I strongly believe that this game will be on the front-page and it will stay there for a long period of time. Here are some reason’s as to why:

  1. Survival game’s such as Booga Booga have made it to the front-page and have had a constant 5,000+ players (with very very few updates) for more than a year. If we can create a good survival game we can easily do the same because not only we will have updates, but more pushing the game which I will explain.

  2. I will create many YouTube Video’s playing and promoting this game. That may seem a bit insignificant but I have more than 100,000 Subscribers on the YouTube platform with lots of experience and I believe I can generate Millions of views playing this game. I’ve already made 2 videos recently on Booga Booga (a very similar survival game) that have gotten over 2 Million Views and I’ve seen the player count on Booga Booga rise from 5,000 to 15,000 which I believe is almost solely from videos because no updates were released. I firmly believe that I can do the exact same thing for my own game and I’ve seen friends do it. If you need to see my channel here it is: https://www.youtube.com/tapwaterrblx

With that said, I need you (the scripter) to see this vision. If you don’t see the vision and you don’t believe that this game will make it to the front-page. then please do not apply.

I only want people with the same mindset as me working on this and if you think that’s you, and you see the potential this game has. Then apply now so we can (and will) make a front-page game.


I’ll be paying 40% of all revenue earned from the game.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/realtapwater after that I would love to get into a voice call and speak to you personally.

Thanks so much for reading and please feel free to message me or reply with any questions! :slight_smile:


I have 3 questions:

  1. I know that there is (in total) 4 survival games either in development or already released. What makes this game different than the others? What will make this game stand out?

  2. Where is the rest of the 60% going to?

  3. What are you doing in the development process?

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I’m just curious, but aren’t you going to need a modeler, animator and UI-Designer?

  1. Yes, I know about other survival game’s in development. What will make this game different is weekly updates when its released as well as a good community behind it which I’ll be forming.

  2. as for the rest of the 60%, ~20% of it will stay in the group to fund other projects or to keep funding stranded as well as 40% going back to me.

  3. I will be managing the entire game and funding it which means hiring people such as UI designers and 3D modelers as needed. I also will manage all the social media for the game such as Discord, Twitter and so on. and I will be promoting it heavily as I stated on my YouTube channel

Thanks for leaving a reply, I hope this answers your questions! :smiley:

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I will likely be hiring a modeler to make whichever models are needed, the animations will be quite simple so I don’t believe I’ll need an animator and I will be contracting a UI-Designer to create all of the UI unless the scripter wants to create the UI.

Thanks for the reply, please let me know if you’re interested in working on this project! :slight_smile:

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I would be interested as a modeler. I can script but I’m lacking some experience in scripting commercially.

Portfolio: Coyann || Scripter/Modeler || Portfolio

My Discord is Coyan#3181 if you are interested :smiley: (My timezone is CEST)

Okay cool, I’ll let you know if I ever need you as a modeler. Nice to meet you! :smiley:

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No problem, just hit me up on Discord if you need me! :smiley:

So you’re saying that the other games won’t have weekly updates? How can you know that? Also you can’t really guarantee weekly updates when you don’t even have a scripter yet.

The other two major Survival-esc games currently in development also have good communities around them at the moment.

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Just saying; “the community is larger” or “weekly updates” is not guaranteed. You could lose all your community, and lose the files for a major new update, and then your game is (apparently) like all the other survival games. To make your game different on a permanent scale would be to introduce new game mechanics or even make your game fundamentally different.

Look at Mount of The Gods, on paper it is just like all the other survival games. You have to eat and drink to survive, you have to create ways to make sustainable food sources, but when you play it is a completely different experience. The sacrificing of materials artificially makes scarcity, and the failure to sacrifice creates consequences that make the game all around enjoyably stressful to play.

Survival: Beginnings might be like all the other games, but the only reason it was so popular was because it made the survival genre blow up on Roblox. It definitely wasn’t the first, but it certainly knew how to do things right.

Now I shall mention the forbidden game, Minecraft. The reason Minecraft blew up was not only because of the novel retro graphics, but the mechanics such as redstone or the matrix crafting table. The success was also because of another popular mode of Minecraft; creative mode.

Maybe to make your game different you could add a procedural aspect to it, like the map being based off a preset or random seed. Possibly the inclusion of random events or bosses, a completely different crafting system, or many other possibilities. What makes every single game different isn’t who plays the game, its what the game is.


I’m expecting the scripter to be willing to do weekly updates. Like I said if you don’t see the vision then just please disregard this post. If you have any advice for developing a survival game then that would be awesome! Anyways have a nice day.

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I completely understand what you’re saying and you’re definitely right. Weekly updates is not a guarantee that a game will be on the front-page. I’m definitely going to be introducing new game mechanics different than other survival games. I’m very open to suggestions from the lead programmer which I would have working on the game. This is still a learning process for me as I have never developed a complete game yet but I believe with the help of a professional scripter and advertising such as myself we could do it.

I really like how you are not looking at close-mindedly but actually thinking about how the game will stand out and what will make it different. That’s exactly what I’m looking for as a person on the team. I want the person to have creative ability and really feel this as a capable front-page project by being different than the competition.

Now i’m a bit curious, what games have you developed and do you have any tips for a first-time developer such as myself?

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I have finished only one game, however that’s not to say I’m not capable of designing games. I’ve made thousands over thousands of little tests, on alternate accounts, on Unity, Unreal, even made my own game engine at one point. I have years of experience, and I know what makes games fun to play.

The only tip I have, only make things you want to make. If you aren’t motivated, you won’t work on it. Find a scripter that has the same view as you, and you’ll be set. If you never are on the same wave as an idea, you’ll never work on it, right?

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Exactly!!! literally couldn’t say it any better. If the scripter doesn’t have the same mindset/vision as me it’s not gonna work. Which is why i’m looking for someone who sees the vision. You honestly seem like a great fit with plenty of experience. If you’re interested in working on this please let me know! :slight_smile:


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