(HIRING) Scripter + Low Poly Bulider + Discord Bot Programmar

Who we are
DrezSlap Group Holder / Former Owner
Clesscy Former Owner

We want all users to have a realistic feel and professional feel when applying for a position and possibly even gaining recognition and experience in Business Managment.

What do we want from you?
Hello, I am DrezSlap I am looking for a low poly builder , Scripter for my café and Discord Bot Programmar for discord.

My partner will discuss the full payment on dms he hasn’t told me how much yet but he will be discussing how much on dms.

What I need?
I need a low poly café wich will be fully scripted and a discord bot that can customer service bot etc…

You can contact my formal owner by discord:
Clesscy (;#1565


Hey, i was wondering if you would like a 3D modeler for all your assets, i think i’m a perfect fit for the job.

Just see my portfolio : [OPEN COMMISSIONS] Low Poly 3D modeller | Red1Monster

Sent friend request on discord.

User: depressed.#4058

im a builder but i dont build models i build only apartments and buildings

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