Hiring scripters/food modelers

Hello DevForum Community,

My Cafe is looking for a Scripter/Food Modeler. They will receive a payment through T-Shirt. Scrapes is a Crepe environment on the Roblox platform. We are paying around 4K in total.


I am looking to pay around 2K for the food modeler, we need around 10 assets or more. The list is down below


TOPPINGS: Sprinkles, Bananas, and Strawberries

We need a pancake mix. We also need stoves and ovens.

We need stuff like chocolate sauce.

For the scripter, we would like the scripter to be able to put the models together and form it into 1 item, such as when someone puts the sauce and run into the fryer, they’d be able to make the cake wrap.

If you feel that you would like to become a developer, please DM me on Discord.

pruhjectiles#1156. (Drop your username down below)


Hiring animator builder or ui designer?

Modellers and scripters I suppose

I can script for you, my username is FizzyColas, my discord is CherryLeChicken#6524

Sent, A friend request. Hope too talk further; Cya!

Hey, i’d love to work with you guys, here’s some of my previous work :

And here’s my discord (add me if you like my work) : Red1Monster#3623

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