(Hiring) Seeking a Builder/Programmer for the Laredo Map!


Greetings, my name is Arush, and I am starting up a new group that is based on the real-life city of Laredo in Texas called Laredo, TX. I am seeking a builder to build the map for Laredo, which we want to base off of the city of Laredo in-real-life. We need a pretty detailed/realistic ro-nations style map with an International Airport, Freeways, Hotels, Restaurants, Palm Trees, Desert Theme, Neighborhoods, Cultural Destinations, and tons of terrain work! Those are some of the things we aspire for the map. If you have the capabilities to craft such a map, then please be sure to contact the following people.


Arush920 - Owner & Creative Director
Carvation - Co-Owner and a Development Overseer


Drop your prices in replies, and we will see if the price works for us, and be sure to contact Arush920 or Carvation concerning development prices if you see the post. Thank you!


Map of Laredo:

Laredo International Airport:

Embassy Suites Laredo:

Courtyard Laredo:

Ramada Plaza Laredo:


Shirley Field:

The Outlet Shoppes at Laredo:


My Roblox: Arush920
Carvation’s Roblox: carvation
My Discord: ArushNaik920#9279
Carvation’s Discord: carv#0720


yo, this would be pretty expensive man.

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It probably would. However, we don’t need like all of the builds at the moment. If you can build a map that is medium-sized, then it would be fine too! Please contact me if you wanna build for us!

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Well my acclimated price for the set would be 50k (including roblox tax). To round things up.

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Please send examples of your work if you are able to. I’m not able to make such a hefty payment without looking at examples. We’ll get in contact if your work is exceptionally made!

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Oh sure sure.

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I’d like to apply for the builder position. I’d definitely be able to make a realistic map like this. In fact, my previous commission was a similar job where I had to help make buildings for a city, and now I’m credited as one of the lead builders of Lucas County V2. I’ve already sent a friend request on Discord. My tag is Laemmle#8800. We can discuss prices there.

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Awesome! I’ll be sure to look at your portfolio even more. You already contacted me on Discord, so thank you for the contact! I like your builds.

How about my work? You kinda just skimmed over me.

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