[HIRING] Shop GUI Maker

Hey, i’m making a new game and I need someone to make me a nice modern shop gui. With 1 tab being gamepasses, and the 2nd tab for cash. It needs to be like a simulator game gui.

Pay: 1k - 2k (Depends on the gui)

If you are capable of this add my discord: weighs#0913


Added! My Discord username is: slept on flvurry#0001

Still need :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I think I’m capable of doing this - but I don’t have discord or Roblox Premium. Is there any other way I can help you?

Still need, updated price :slight_smile: (30 char)

Added, my username is Cameron4009#1018.

I’m interested Dan999plus | UI Designer

added you on discord Zoxian#7341

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