[HIRING] Someone to make a conference room PAY INCLUDED

Hello, this is now closed.

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Sir, I would be happy to do that! My main account is yusef444 and my discord is DudeDontCommentOnThisDrip #8324 . I hope to be working with you soon and I will be the hardest working person you’ll ever see! I will try my best and I will work until I can’t work no more.

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Hello, I’m highly interested! My discord is Uttzy#0268.

$300 Seems a bit low for an entire conference room bud.

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This is a very undetailed post and hasn’t got much information provided I recommend using the template provided when looking to hire someone.

100% agree, I doubt anyone who applies with that pay has much experience, not trynna lower anyone but 300$ is nothing for a detailed room…

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I could strech to about 1k

Alright, Sure. 1k would be fine but do you want it to look exactly what you showed me in disk?

Contacting you now!!


im sooo interested, i give portfolio here, not using discord, just dev forum… 300 is enough for me

private message me if you like my work…

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