[HIRING] UI Designer, Builder, Scripter

Hello, I am the owner of Stateview Prison!

Here is a link to the group.
:link: - Stateview Correctional Facility. ∞ - Roblox

I am planning to make a brand new Quiz Center, & Training Center. Starting with the Quiz Center.

Right now, I am hiring for the Quiz Center. We do need a Builder for this as this will contain a shooting range/obstacle course.

:money_with_wings: Budget : I plan to spend no more than 65K on the brand new Quiz Center, as I don’t think it’s too complicated & doesn’t require much time at all.

Here is a link to the game we are basing it off of : 🔧FIX🌟 GET PROMOTED 🌟 TR | RCT Ascension Course - Roblox

Contact me if you think you are suited for this job. (jimmy.#0101)


I’m interested, I’ll leave you a message!
About me: I’m a builder / terrain artist for 4 years!

how much will a builder get?
i added you, accept please!

Greetings, I’m a Professional UI Designer and I design Application Centers!
Please, DM me via the discord.

I am interested, add me! Discord: ProGamerResul5566

I can make you QUIZ CENTER in 5 minutes.

I’m interested in building. Discord: bigpoppa#7546

I’m interested in scripting, my discord is Barty 2016#1019

I’m interested! https://devforum.roblox.com/t/ui-portfolio-dan999plus/560197

also my discord : Zoxian#7341

I’m interested in helping you build the center. My discord is citrusfire#3940

I’m interested in scripting, I don’t need much of a pay since it’s really just for something to do but I would like to be paid still if possible. I’ll send you a message. (Extra YTT#1930)

How much is the builder being paid? 65K?

I’m interested in filling the role of the builder. (Mine_rr#5759) I’m Always available.

You can find my portfolio here!

(Some of the photos are slightly outdated but It should give you a basis on everything!)

You can’t make anything, you just steal my works and show to it to other people to get hired.

I dmed you on discord, ryan10197#0691

What do you mean? what work did he stoled from you?

He was telling me to show him my past works and after that he steal it and make topics about he’s for hire and put my works in the topic to hire him or he was showing them to the people that hire UI Designers to hire him.

If he did that then report him.

I did, but the Moderator needs proof and he deleted the post when he said he stole it.

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