[HIRING] UI Designer for small buttons [1K R$]

About The Job

I’m looking for 3 buttons. The buttons have to be exactly the same as in the image below.

I’ll provide more information about the color and text of the buttons on discord. If you can basically copy this buttons feel free to reach out to me on discord.


1K R$ From group funds.

Contact me


Heya, I’m interested. Here’s my contact info: Ears#4858

I have made a ui like that. Contacted you as Davit#0824.

Here’s my example:

Hello! Im a really experenced UI designer who designed Ui for 2 years now! I amInterested In doing this task. Here Is My Discord BloxsDevs#8239 I sent you a request! :smile:

here are some examples of my work:

So I made a quick example:

Different Colors:

If you are interested my discord is: TheDCraft#1427
Here is my Porfolio.

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