[HIRING] UI Designer /Scripter [10K]

About The Job

I’m looking for an UI designer who is able to make a shop. The shop needs to be ready to use and this includes tweens, gamepass scripts and open/close buttons. So basically when I get the shop I only need to change the ID of the gamepass in order for it to work. This is an example of how the Gui needs to look like.


The payment will come from group funds and will be 10K Robux.

Contact Me

Send Portfolio, if I dont reply It’s probably (No)

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I added you on discord i am syed1235t#4365

Sent you a request on discord.
Username: Silverblade2005#8541

accept it please

I’ve added you.

Accept my friend request on discord. Idkr_Man#6666

This one job not only scripting or gui seperate.

I am really interested In this. You can see my portfolio here : Cheap gfx! Pikachuraya / Commissions for Thumbnails and Icons

I sent you a friend request on discord I’m Bloxsdevs#8239

I would be able to design the UI but unfortunately not script and I would do much less payment more like 2.5k.

Portfolio: [OPEN] UI Designer/2d Artist Portfolio | CursedTxrtle

Added on discord kyzer#9336, check it out when needed.

Portfolio- ImagineLeqtric - Builder Portfolio [For Hire]

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