[Hiring] Ultimate developers are looking for Developers! 3D modeler(OPEN)

Oh? Well it’s made in total a million or more while in paid access alpha release. Don’t know why it showed you that little of a amount.

The linked game is our revamped game, which we didn’t finish. Our main game wasn’t linked for some reason. Slayer's Rising - Roblox
This is the one which made the 1 million robux, check this out.
Sorry for the wrong link lol.

Now hiring more than just a scripter ! Builder and 3D modeler positions now open.

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Are you in need of audio? i would be willing to work on the project

Hello, I am interested in the scripter position if its still open.
Here is my portfolio:

Is it possible that I could be paid per task rather than percentage?

I added you on discord, my user is:

really sam#9954

I sent a request, really excited to work here if possible. Since I also watched the show Demon Slayer!
Portfolio:Edisondoggyfun Builder/Modeler Portfolio

This is a post that is on the devforums.

Interested, sent
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The project is at state where it has really no content so we’d be focusing on adding content and more unique features for example trading, clans, restaurants etc. scripter position would be percentage with backup payment and the % would be 20 and more it’s all negotiable.

This is a post that is on the devforums.

Sure thing, it was just a suggestion to be honest that’s why I offered that we could negotiate to a % we both can agree on.

Hit me up on discord and we’ll see!

I’m interested to be your modeler. DM me on Discord @RazorBladedino117#5440

Do Builders need to do Terrain too?

Not necessarily, but it would be a bonus if you could.

Scripter position closed, looking for right now a modeler that can do organic and melee weapons and also clothing/accessory!

Sent you a message and my portfolio on Discord, hope to hear from you soon!

Hey I would love to build or model for you, thanks! (Added: will#4070)

Hello! I’m interested in the modeler position and I really enjoyed the Demon Slayer anime. Here’s my portfolio: [FOR HIRE] PICKSL1234's Modeling portfolio

(Added: Picks-L#8209)

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