[HIRING] Weapons Coder (Rocket Launchers + Grenades) [OPEN]

Hey all,

I’m currently looking for someone to code various rocket launchers and different types of grenades for my game. The style of the game is low-poly/cartoony, and we have the assets ready (the grenade types and the different types of rocket launchers, as well as the particles).

I’m looking for someone who is capable of coding the following:

  • Rocket Launchers
  • Rockets - including rocket trails, curves (projectile paths)
  • Particle effects - just the implementation of particles, we already have the actual particles made
  • Grenades - Curves (grenade path), different types of grenade explosions (poison grenades, shock grenades, etc. The throwing animation has already been made as well)

I’m willing to pay up to $100 USD via PayPal or Venmo. No revenue percentage is currently being offered, though it can be negotiated if, for example, you plan on staying on the team (or for quick commissions) for future updates (new weapons, grenades, etc.)

Please contact me either by PM’ing me on the DevForums, messaging my twitter @JukeRblx or on Discord @ Justinn#4382. Thanks!

Do you have an animation replication system in place? Or would the developer need to code one?
Also, are there any current systems/frameworks done in your project or is it from scratch? Because these matter alot.

We have an animation system already set up (walking, strafing, backwards walking) and the camera and equipping animation have already been made as well. All the UI has been made and most of it implemented (e.g; a custom toolbar).Our current coder is just struggling with the actual shooting mechanics.

The framework for the rest of the game is already set up, it’s just the rocket launchers/grenades as tools that need coding.

Since you have a current scripter, you can refer them to this module, which would both save you money and save them effort: Making a combat game with ranged weapons? FastCast may be the module for you!
Hiring a separate scripter might cause you trouble, not because he is bad or anything, but different people do things differently, which means different techniques of handling stuff, and basically a different mindset. Having a single skilled scripter is all you need.

Of course if you choose to hire someone after all, I would be happy to apply, here is my Discord: AlvinPolys#0001 Can discuss more over there and show previous work etc.

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