Hitbox local vs server

I wanted someone’s opinion about this. Only answer if you have experience in actual combat scripting.

I want to create a hitbox where the position of the hitbox is constantly updated so that aiming is easier for the players. I tried doing it on the server side (hitbox and runservice to update constantly the position of the hitbox) but I released that its very slow because I am doing it on the server side. Would you recommend creating the hitbox locally since its much easier to update the position. I think, I am not sure → creating a hitbox locally can make it easy for people to exploit. That’s my only concern!

Thank you!

the drawback with server-sided hitbox will always be that the hitbox is gonna lag behind the client’s current position. in the other hand, client hitboxes will need many sanity checks to combat exploits which can become complicated.

I think the ideal solution is something akin to this resource:

i believe it utilizes some math based on the humanoid’s velocity & ping, to estimate the current client character’s position.

When making a hitbox to weapons, players and ect. I typically just weld the hitbox to the object in question. This usually works with me very well. I only have about 4 months worth of combatting experience but this is just a recommendation.