Holiday Developer Game Jam 2020!

It’s awesome to see Roblox doing something like this; super interesting and fun :slight_smile:


I don’t see how you can complain about these prizes when it’s only hosted by two people, that’s pretty good, and worth a lot.


Can developers outside of the Dev forums still participate in this event?

As long as they sign up via the survey, they should be all good to go. :slight_smile:


Dang… I really want to take part… But I’m too busy with other stuff :frowning:

Also, knowing me. It’ll be a VR exclusive game. Instant-lose.


What if it’s a project we’ve already been working on for a little bit but isn’t released yet? Does that count? Because I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere… :thinking:


This is honestly really nice! But I feel the time span of 1 month is just far too long for me personally, I would’ve preferred somewhere around 1-2 weeks max. I don’t see myself participating but good luck to anyone who does!

INT_L also makes a really valid point here, I believe maybe this would have been best done sooner, and in time to release the games for December.

It’s still super cool to see this opportunity from DevRel regardless. Can’t wait to see all the games from those who attend!


Goodluck everyone. Let the games begin. :wink:


The point of a game jam is u make it quickly. A lot of game jams are only a few days so I am surprised with how much time they are giving us


I know, which makes me think, how are they going to monitor if the game was already started or not? Or to which extent does this has to be made up from brand new content?

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Are there any age ratings for this?

A whole new monitor? Never expected a prize like this.


Sounds like fun. It is definitely something that I would consider doing for fun…if I wasn’t a solo developer lol.

Good luck to the people who take on this challenge though! Can’t wait to see the phenomenal results!


i feel like those 2nd and lower places are being really lowballed, since 1st place recieves a “fancy computer monitor” i’d assume it’d be at least in the 200$ range;
also me as a loner can’t even participate, but oh well xd


Yo I literally saw this and was like YES YES AND YES. Lol this sounds like so much fun and I can’t wait to start on it! TEAM TBMC FOR THE WIN!


This seems like something that’s going to be really fun! I really hope that some people will let me work with them for this, because I really don’t want to miss out!

My only complaint is that we have to have 3 people at the minimum working together. I get that it’s like that because we’re supposed to be spreading the holiday spirit with one another, however, I’m just concerned that I won’t be able to find a group. Currently, I’m crossing my fingers for good luck that someone will let me work with them.

Although, I really hope I get to participate in this event! Good luck to anyone participating!


roblox has all power so they can easily see it
(there may be ways to get around it but it wouldnt be easy)

Does everyone in your group have to submit a survey form?

Is there any age requirement besides 13+? @Christmas_Treasure

Even though I messaged you already, I will drop it here:

While I have gathered a team, I have a few further questions before my team can move forward, I hope you can answer them!

  • Can the game be left public to be played and tested?
  • Can we monetize the game?
  • Can my team and I work on the game after the game jam is finished at January 8th?

These questions are raised because if we are taking time to work on a game for a whole month, we would like better ways of awarding our team, so we would like to keep the game public on the holiday season and be able to profit from it, and when the game jam is over we could possibly work on a summer update and move the project forward,

It would just be weird to force us to keep the game private and then only allow us to release a holiday game on January 5th and the game would be dead within a week.