Horror fps flashlight

  1. I want to achieve a flashlight framework/system just like this in the video

  1. It’s just I have no background on how will I code or make this kind of system

  2. I tried searching other solutions I couldn’t find one

I am not asking for a code or something, I just want to know on how they did it and what are the steps on achieving this system. I actually have these questions in mid, is this a viewmodel or a tool? I tried making both but it seems impossible for me. Would you mind helping me? Thanks xoxo.

Its most likely a viewmodel as for the flashlight i belive this will help you

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an add on to that, the script I provided, I used HRP which is basically an abbreviated humanoid root part, instead of using HRP you can use the flashlight viewmodel to cast the light in that certain direction.

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