Hotel Check-in system needed

Hello, I am wondering if there is anyone who has a Hotel check-in system and selling and/or making them.
I have been looking into checkmein but I don’t have the 2-4k.
If anyone knows any cheaper alternatives please either comment them on this or DM me on discord.
Discord tag: m; :gift:#9927


CheckMeIn is the only option
You can get a friend to buy it or you can make your own.

This category is not for asking people to make you systems, please review the guidelines:

If you want to hire someone to make you a hotel check-in system, change the topic to #collaboration:recruitment

I do have a license for CheckMeIn that I don’t use, it’s the enterprise version. I can give it to you if you need it.


I have standard for now as my hotel is only new but soon I will upgrade.

Could I possibly use the licence for an upcoming project?

I can only give the license to one person, sorry.

Also urgently need this for an upcoming project, so if anyone can help me as well that would be appreciated.

That’s all good! Is that person DesiredOcean, because right now it seems like he isn’t responding. If he doesn’t respond, could I have it please, because it’s urgent? Thanks.

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Okay I don’t think he’s going to respond anytime soon sadly. :frowning:

Sorry, the conversation we had was on the forum private messages. I offered this license to DesiredOcean and I received 5 messages from people requesting it and I can only give it to one person sadly.

That’s okay, I understand. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

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