How and where do you find an 'Investor'?

  1. What do you want to achieve? Keep it simple and clear!

  2. I have been searching for investors for AGES but I JUST CANT FIND ANY but when I do they don’t even want to – Is it because my game is 70% done? or what

  3. like is it something about my game that sucks I have no IDEA!

– Post a comment if you would like to give feedback on my game and try explain a: why investors are not investing in my game
b: where do you find investors

The game:

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Roblox’s global rule 15 doesn’t allow you to get invest into a game or look for an investor on the devforum.

Global Rule 15


I’m not asking for an investor

I forgot that it only applied to the developer forums and what do you mean by ‘investor’ then?

Since you won’t find investors on the forum, your best chance is to search in other communities such as Hidden Developers.

I would strongly advise against working with investors altogether since the practice is commonly used by scammers and other people with malicious intent. Funding your game yourself is, by far, the safest approach.

I’m not asking for an investor

You’ve have said in your post that you have been searching for investors.

your just a hater :ok_hand: that’s why you dislike every game you see on devforum

Why am I a hater? And what makes you think that I dislike every game I see on the devforum?

@Sirfrogs that did not help at all but hate

Again, why am I a hater? I also tried to help you with question a when I thought that Global Rule 15 didn’t allow invests at all. I’m wrong with that statement after rereading the rule after I posted it.