How bad is this trailer?

Uh whipped up this “trailer” in a few uh minutes, how bad would you guys say it is?

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You could try using an animation instead of recording while playing. Anyway not a bad job!


Oh I dont know how to do animations, wait what do you mean like animation editor?

I wouldn’t recommend using it. For example I use Moon Editor 2. Let me search the tutorial and I’ll link it

Oh wow thats awesome of you nice, ill try it out

There it is the tutorial: Getting Started with Moon Animator 2 - [Unofficial]

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Yes, this will help me alot thank you for this! :+1:

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It looks fine, as it has already been stated, use animations to make the trailer. Also, a 2-minute video is too long for a trailer.

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Use animations for the trailer. My honest feedback? The trailer is so terrible yet it’s super good like my mom’s spaghetti, but yeah, use Moon Animation, great plugins to make animations and cut scenes, great attempt for the first trailer though.


Thanks for the feedback I loved it!

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You could also make use of the Developer Camera, via LShift + P for some better shots.

I’ll stick to moon editor since Ive been recommended it a whole lot.

Ah, alright, no worries. If you ever try to get static pictures, Developer Camera/Free Camera is your best mate.

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Thanks for recommending it, if moon editor is too much than i’ll definitely check out Developer Camera, could you link it please, also sorry if I came off a bit too harsh! :sweat_smile:

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The Developer Camera isn’t a plugin or anything, it’s Roblox’s own integrated thing. When you’re in the Studio and testing, clicking LShift + P will activate it.

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Oh, wow I didnt know this thanks man! :yum:

Uh, I did left shift P and its not working