How BIG can a game be?

I have an Idea on my head about a medieval, Runescape like game. The thing is that the game is basically a HUGE, HUUUUUUUUGE Map, filled with a lot of regions, activities, and bla bla bla god knows what else. And it is just so big that it will probably fail if i do it all in one piece that can’t keep itself together. So i got a question, How BIG Can u make a map and how much stuff can u place into the game, Things like GUI, RemoteEvents, Scripts and more? And are there some ways i can use to make big games?


Technically there is no limit for how large a map can be and people have made huge maps. Your biggest issue would be the part count of such a large map. There are work around for that though. Using really aggressive content streaming can stave off issues of lag to an extent. It wouldn’t be perfect and splitting up a map into regions is probably the best approach then having different places for each region in the same experience.


As pointed out above, your environment will probably give you the most trouble when it comes to developing a large one-place experience. Lag isn’t the only thing you need to be wary of but your overall filesize is too because Roblox doesn’t publish past a certain high byte value. I had small but numerous maps and had to split into over 40+ places over the summer because of this.

If you’re making a large experience for Roblox, I strongly recommend splitting up based on a loose criteria if you can. Anything from game mode to region to large interiors and so on are worth being hosted on separate places. Updating will take longer but the overall experience for players is much more worth the trouble especially if you have a high amount of traffic.


The Floating point is your border

If you want to see what I mean, play Floating point on roblox

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