How can 2 people stay welded on a boat?

Hey there!
So i made a boat that can sail on a block that represents water and i wanted to make it so when the boat sails and there are on top of that boat more than one player, it should make them weld to the ship.
But i have no clue how i can do such thing, is there any way i can make this?

Any help whould be greatly appreciated!

You Can Weld Seats And Players Can Sit On It You Know

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Put two seats on the boat and make them sit. This is common sense.

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Yes i know that, my problem is that when one player is sailing the other players on the boat wont stand on it and just go backwards, i want them to stay in that place withough them need to sit.

use body gyro it would solve it i guess (cause i never used it but i do know about it)

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I will try it, Thanks for the feedback though!

No Problem! Thats Why I Joined Dev Forum to Help Players =D

I saw this a while ago. It may help you out.

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