How can I achieve this?

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    I want to be able to do something like this, with the circles and such.
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    I don’t really know how he is doing that.

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This category is not really for asking about these types of things. Instead of asking how someone else is doing something, ask about how to do specific things. Please also be sure to attempt to code what you need first before asking!

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Well, i’m not really sure of what he is exactly doing. How do I move he circles around like that?

The movement of the circles is tweening. Tweening is best performed with the TweenService. I would assume that the developer has a loop that handles the placement of these circles respectively (alternating between a line pattern and a square pattern, or handling each position separately to form these shapes).

To add to this reply, not sure if it is being used here, but you can also create an animated gif using sprite sheets to create a similar effect.

Spritesheets can also be used to create more complex animations like this one: