How can I add a button to the Roblox topbar GUI?

I’m working on a game in Roblox and I need to add a button to the topbar GUI. I want this button to function and position similarly to the ‘HD Admin’ panel button that is included in many Roblox games.

I’ve tried to search for solutions on the developer forum, but so far I haven’t been able to find an accurate solution. There are multiple topics related to this issue already, but none of them seem to provide a clear solution.

One approach I tried was to create the button by placing a frame using the ‘IgnoreGuiInset’ properties of the ‘ScreenGui’. However, I was not able to achieve the desired result. I’m not sure if this approach is the right one, or if there’s a better way to create the button.

I would appreciate any advice or guidance on how to add a button to the topbar GUI, or any resources that could help me find a solution. Thank you!

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TopbarPlus is exactly what u need. It allows you to create, well, top-bar buttons, and customize them as you like to fit your needs.

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